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Senior Frontend Engineer



Software Engineering · Full-time
Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Wallet on Telegram is your gateway to the world of digital currencies, specially tailored for individuals in emerging markets. We understand the complexities and intimidation often associated with existing crypto solutions, which is why we've designed the Wallet to be the ultimate user-friendly platform for managing finances. No need to open a traditional bank account or wrestle with convoluted crypto exchanges and wallets.

Leveraging the power of advanced blockchain technology, Wallet delivers a seamless onboarding experience into the crypto ecosystem. It enables users to effortlessly store, send, and receive digital currencies, all via the familiar interface of Telegram. Managing your finances becomes as simple as sending a message.

At Wallet, we're committed to using technology to disrupt traditional banking systems, providing our customers with more flexible and inclusive financial services. Whether you're a crypto novice or seeking to simplify your digital finance experience, Wallet is crafted with your needs in mind.

Now we are looking to expand by hiring a Senior Frontend Engineer.

What you will do

  • Product development of the Wallet client side.
  • Regular work on improving frontend performance (abbreviations like FP, TTFB should not scare you).
  • Adhering to the Pixel Perfect principle. Our designers make a great effort to make the Wallet interface as concise and understandable as possible, and we should help them with that.
  • Collaborating with other frontend developers on complex architectural issues.
  • Writing and maintaining tests.

What you should have

  • 5+ years of experience writing client-side TypeScript and React.
  • Expertise in building complex layouts with CSS (flex boxes, grids, logical properties).
  • Experience with modern browser technologies (web animations, prefetch/preload).
  • Understanding how browser and internet work (page rendering, communication with server, caching)
  • Strong UX and design sensibilities, and a desire to sweat the small stuff (pixel-perfect, progressive enhancement).
  • Strong communication skills, a positive attitude, and empathy.
  • Self-­awareness and a desire to continually improve.

Why it is a fantastic opportunity

  • Our business is growing at an exponential scale.
  • Work in a well-funded startup environment with unique growth opportunities and a chance to join a rapidly growing company with a unique product.
  • Be based remotely.
Wallet is an equal opportunity employer.