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The TON Foundation is a non-incorporated, nonprofit association of developers and enthusiasts that exists to advance The Open Network blockchain and related products. TON is a novel, high-throughput, third-generation proof-of-stake blockchain designed by Nikolai Durov in 2017. For the first several years of its existence, it was developed by the Telegram team. In 2020, the TON project was handed over to the open-source TON community for further development and advancement. Find more at
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Tonkeeper is a crypto wallet in the TON blockchain network created for storing and making transactions with Toncoin and other cryptocurrencies. In addition to storing and transferring Toncoin, Tonkeeper allows to buy and sell it on integrated exchanges and swaps, exchange for other crypto assets, and pay for subscriptions and purchases on the Internet. Tonkeeper's goal is to increase public's awareness of The Open Network and develop a financial ecosystem based on TON. We are creating a product for mass adoption that should both be convenient and easy to use as well as show credibility. Our team has plenty of experience in building products for mass adoption, and high-load services, as well as in applying innovative technologies in cryptography and blockchain. Find more at
FS Labs
FS Labs
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We are a venture studio focused on building and scaling Web3-startups for mass audiences from the ground up. We partner with exceptional founders, share our extensive expertise in product development, marketing and design with the goal to reach an escape velocity together.
Getgems is the very first NFT marketplace on The Open Network blockchain. The platform was launched by enthusiasts who are passionate about NFTs, DeFi, and future technologies. The home base of Getgems, The Open Network is a next-generation Web3 blockchain ecosystem built to simplify everyone’s lives. Whether you’re an NFT creator or collector, TON is the perfect place for you thanks to its high throughput and extremely low transaction fees. Our mission is to make NFTs more accessible and common. Getgems team is 100% Metaverse and Remote with office spaces available in the physical world. Find more at
Fanzee Labs was founded with the vision of bringing clubs closer to their fans by unlocking the immense fan engagement potential that blockchain technologies provide. We are a fast-moving early stage start-up backed by some of the biggest players in the space. We are a new, motivated and rapidly growing team which is looking to bring in individuals who love building something unique and impactful, like the challenge of navigating uncharted territories and most importantly feel at home in a collaborative environment.
2 jobs is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on TON Blockchain smart contracts, enhanced with advantages such as low fees, low slippage, super user-friendly interface and direct integration with the TON wallet. is a peer-to-peer trading platform where transactions are conducted directly between crypto-traders, and do not require third-party participation. implements one of the main features of cryptocurrencies — it facilitates financial transactions without any involvement of banks, brokers or any other traditional intermediaries. utilizes the TON blockchain and is a natural part of TON DeFi’s growing suite of tools that make a huge range of financial services available directly from the TON cryptocurrency wallet.
The Tegro company develops products for the TON blockchain. The Tegro.Money payment system and the Tegro Wallet in Telegram have already been launched. At the moment, the company is developing a DEX and an NFT Marketplace.
The GameFi launchpad for the TON blockchain. A simple platform for developers of blockchain games with a low entry threshold, providing access to a large community.
Tonstarter is the first launchpad based on The Open Network for retail venture investing in tokens of promising projects, enabling teams to raise capital in a decentralized, safe and user-friendly environment. Read more about us
Ton Whales is a strong TON blockchain ecosystem player that focuses on delivering multiple components of the ecosystem from Tonhub wallet to Tonwhales DEX. In addition to a DEX and a wallet, Ton Whales launched mining and validator pools, which are highly appreciated by the TON Community.